Who Wants Downtime and Lost Data?

Now that was a rhetorical question...

Businesses depend on their data, they require resilient IT infrastructure to thrive and compete in an always-on world.

As organisations embrace cloud computing, they need the ability to protect their data and workloads which make their business tick - but not all businesses are alike.

With the wide range of options and deployment styles, companies require a solution which provides them the freedom and flexibility to choose their private or public clouds and applications while not impinging their ability to protect and recover their most valuable asset - data.

Who wants to protect their data in real-time and be able to recover instantly - even from Ransomware attacks?


BIPs Hybrid Cloud Protector is a Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Mobility software defined solution.




- Virtual, Physical and Cloud-Native workloads

- Running on any Private or Public clouds

- x86/x64 and Power architecture




- Non-disruptive deployment 

- Real-time replication (near zero RPO's)

- Continuous Data Protection (Journaling)

- Instant recoveries (~45 seconds for any data capacity)

- Short and Long-term data retention policies

- Non-intrusive Testing

- Cyber/Ransomware protection

- Seamless fail-back

- Cloud Mobility


Protect your Potential with BIPs Hybrid Cloud Protector...


Hybrid Cloud Protector


Compute & Clouds


Allow your organisation the freedom to operate Virtual, Cloud-Native or Physical workloads on any Private or Public cloud


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