Business Interruption Protection

Business Continuity is a must-have for companies today. Businesses rely on resilient IT infrastructures to thrive and compete in an always-on world. As organisations embrace cloud computing, they need the ability to protect and quickly recover the systems and data that make them tick. But not all business are alike. With the wide range of options and locations for IT infrastructure, companies need a solution that gives them the guarantee of resiliency with the flexibility to choose their vendors and computing environment.


BIPs is a Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) and Cloud migration software solution specifically developed for Managed Service Providers. BIPs delivers enterprise level replication, recovery and migration services for clients with uniform or diverse environments.

BIPs supports

- On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid deployments

- Physical or Virtual systems

- Any Hypervisor

- Any Storage vendor


BIPs delivers

- Software-as-a-Service

- Enterprise Operating System coverage

- Real-time 'cross system consistent' replication

- Near instant system recoveries

- Fully automated, Failover & Failback

- Simple, nonintrusive DR testing facilities


A complete solution for all your customers protection and recovery requirements for today and tomorrow.


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BIPs replication, recovery and migration solutions for today's diverse and ever-changing environments.



BIPs-POD is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service software solution which integrates service provider’s infrastructure for fully automated protection, recovery and testing for customer environments. The BIPs-POD solution is agnostic to the customer’s current or future, storage, server and hypervisor choices which guarantees your business can always deliver a solution for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

BIPs Migrate

BIPs Migrate

BIPs Migrate removes the challenges and risks of migrating Physical and Virtual systems to new technology platforms or Cloud providers. BIPs Migrate is the solution of choice because of its ability to migrate Linux, mid-range UNIX and Windows environments, replicating complete Operating System Application and Databases in a seamless and non-intrusive manner to any new environment.

Supported Operating Systems


VMware Hyper-V Xen KVM Oracle VirtualBox

Why BIPs?

BIPs addresses the largest DRaaS market due to its unprecedented technology coverage! Any Physical or Virtual systems - Any Storage - Anywhere BIPs versatility provides your business the coverage to fit all your technology resiliency requirements.

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You already know what it takes to run a managed services business, but what about DRaaS and Cloud migrations? At Capital Continuity, developing end-to-end solutions for managed service providers is our sole focus, and we know it better than anyone. Whether you’re new to this sector or a veteran of the industry, we can help you transform and scale your business, become more profitable and deliver a solution which has the widest possible market reach.

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